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Grapes: Sangiovese
Vineyard's altitude: 300 m over sea-level.
Ground: clay and yellow sands (tufa).
Plant system: guyot and spur cord.
Plant density: 3300-5000 vine-stocks per hectare.
Vintage: a first selection of the grapes bunches in the vineyard and the manual harvesting assure an excellent product.
Wine making system: in iron steel tenks and oak barrel-tuns
Physical and chemical evolution: 1 year in oak barriques and 1 year in big oak barrels . The wine is then submitted to the judgement of the Chamber of Commerce commission for the D.O.C.G. acknowledgement.
Tasting notes: the wine has an intense red colour, with strong ripe fruit perfumes, its bouquet of vanilla, chocolate, canels is enriched thanks to the storage into oak barrels. A full-bodied, well rounded and velvety wine.
Associations:ideal to accompany roasted meat, roast game and ruffle courses, porcini mushrooms. Excellent with cheeses streaked with green mould
Life: 10 years
VINI DI VERONELLI 2006: 85 punti
VINI DI VERONELLI 2007: 88 punti
ENOGEA 2006 85 punti


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